Current Issue

JUL-AUG-SEP 2021 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

From Carla Swank Fox, Editor:

Guess what?

Just two little words. But, oh, how powerful they are. Sometimes those words are followed by an overwhelming sense of excitement. Sometimes, especially if they precede news you weren’t expecting, there are feelings of loss and confusion. And sometimes, you get a combination of those two very opposite emotions at the same time.

Just a few short months ago, in this very note of our previous WorshipArts issue, we considered the idea of roller coasters and the possibilities and hope of beginning to emerge from this pandemic in the fall.

Guess what?

Plans have changed. The pandemic unfortunately rages on. We’ve been forced to reevaluate what seemed so promising. Some of us even made rehearsal and concert and Advent and Christmas plans, only now to be forced to reconsider all of that work and preparation.

It’s deflating at best, depressing at worst. It’s so easy to feel frustrated and angry and hopeless. Really? We’re doing this again? Conflate that with the turmoil within our world and natural disasters and … well, I’d argue that the world might even feel heavier now than it did a year ago. Which seems unfathomable, but here we are.

In fact, the content contained within this issue may feel a bit more hopeful than we’re experiencing in our local contexts at this moment.

Six Fellowship members, led by Diana Sanchez-Bushong, offer some really practical ideas on how to rebuild your church choir coming out of the pandemic … whenever that may be.

Fellowship member Lawrence Abernathy shares some tips on how to best utilize small ensembles, which may be a tactic worth pursuing over the next several months depending on your situation.

We also have many updates regarding The Fellowship’s transitions, including new leadership and a new initiative designed to help us better connect with each other across the miles during a time when we so desperately need connection.

There are glimmers of hope, even if we have to work harder at times to see them.