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OCT-NOV-DEC 2020 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

From Carla Swank Fox, Editor:

So, here we are, firmly planted in the final quarter of 2020, and maybe the only clear thing on the horizon right now is the fact that Advent is coming.

The theme of this issue is "Seeing is Horizon-Gazing," and it goes without saying that when we planned this theme in August 2019, our editorial committee thought we were going to be in a completely different place when this issue was published. Our year-long narrative arc would be complete. After seeing and believing, then discerning, and making space, we thought that maybe our horizon would be a bit clearer. That maybe we would feel a stronger sense of direction and calling as to where God was leading us as a denomination, as the faithful, as worship leaders.

And yet, here we are, arguably with an even foggier horizon than when we began this year. (Insert giant sigh here.) Where is the hope? Will this ever end? How long, oh Lord?

In this issue, we hope to offer glimpses that may help you find hope and maybe even moments of pure joy in your spiritual life and ministries during this season. Fellowship President Leigh Anne Taylor offers her template for a Prayer and Sabbath Retreat, while Fellowship members share where they have seen God at work in their communities.

Then we turn toward the practical as Justin Addington offers a horizon-gazing moment for choral directors, and our team of reviewers offer more than 50 anthem ideas and suggestions to help inspire your worship planning.

So no, we don't have any clear answers as to what is on the horizon. Only God knows those things. But what we do offer here are our glimpses of God at work. And my prayer is that at least one of these glimpses will offer you the "tidings of comfort and joy" you need during this season.

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