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JAN-FEB-MAR 2020 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

From Carla Swank Fox, Editor:

Hi, friends. My name is Carla … and I'm the new editor of WorshipArts.

(Sorry. I need to pause for a moment to let that statement sink in.)

You see, this is not a distinction I take lightly. When I was a young girl, I dreamed of becoming an editor. I used to hand-write "newspapers" on plain sheets of paper for my family during visits at Grandma's house. I remember after my Mom visited Nashville for the first time while I was in high school saying how much I would love the city and that I should be the editor of a music magazine. And so I went after that dream, pursuing a degree in media and eventually holding multiple roles in various publications, both print and online.

But the media industry is a fickle one, and so I left (or so I thought) in 2012 and opted to fulfill my desire to write and edit through teaching undergrads who are pursuing media careers themselves.

Funny how God works sometimes, isn't it?

It wasn't the path I saw for myself, but here I am, fulfilling this dream. It's still a bit surreal. But I'm honored to be here.

In addition to my work in media, I've been a church musician for more than 20 years. Like many of you, most of those years have been spent not as an employee, but as a volunteer, accompanying worship services and children's rehearsals, singing in choirs, and leading small ensembles. I know first-hand that the work we do is important. I also know how valuable The Fellowship is to aiding you in your efforts, which do not go unnoticed. Your work – our work – is getting us one step closer to transforming the world through worship.

I am blessed to have an incredible editorial committee this year, whom you will meet in this issue. This publication is certainly not mine; it belongs to all of us as an organization. You are always welcome to email me with your comments, questions, or concerns. My inbox is always open!

And I would certainly be remiss to not thank Dave Wiltse – now editor emeritus – for his guidance, mentorship, and trust over the past three or so years of this editorial transition. Dave has helped ease me into this role and graciously continues to answer the phone each time I call with questions. He also handled graphic design for this issue for a final time as I continue to become acquainted with my new responsibilities. Thank you, Dave, for your work over these so many years in making this publication what it is today. I have tremendous shoes to fill.

So, as we begin this new year – and this new season at WorshipArts – my hope and prayer for us all is that we have a fresh vision. God is doing a new thing. Can we see it?

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