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APR-MAY-JUN 2020 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

From Carla Swank Fox, Editor:

When the WorshipArts editorial committee discussed the theme of this issue last summer – which, let’s be honest, feels like a lifetime ago at this point – we anticipated these spring months being a difficult time, but in a completely different way.

This issue would overlap the weeks of the United Methodist General Conference 2020. It would be an unsettling time for many members as the future of the denomination would be discussed. Feelings would likely be hurt, relationships jeopardized. So, after beginning the year with our January theme of "seeing is believing," how do we discern what we need to do next? Truly seeing – and hearing – others leads us to openness. We talk a lot about personal discernment, but how often do we discuss corporate discernment? How do we encourage discernment in worship?

Even though the circumstances are completely different, the pages of this issue still feel incredibly appropriate for such a time as this. As we begin to look toward the future and the moment we can be together again – whenever that may be – how can we discern what a "new normal" looks like? Because, let’s face it, our world will likely never be the same. How do we, as worship artists, help our congregations and churches discern our next steps?

We hope that the articles in this issue offer you points to ponder and words of hope as we continue on this unpredictable journey together.

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