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First United Methodist Church,
Florence Alabama


  • Type of Position: : Full-Time
  • Education Requirement: Bachelors Required, Masters Preferred
  • Date Posted: April 11, 2022

Job Description

Supervisor: Senior Pastor
Supervises: Assistant Music Director, Choral Scholars, Instrumentalists, and Volunteer Age-Level Choir Leaders (as these choirs are developed)
Job Status: Full-time ($45,000 to $55,000 salary based on education and experience, no group health insurance or retirement benefits)

Date Needed:
July 1, 2022

First United Methodist Church of Florence, Alabama, is excited to welcome a new full-time Director of
Music/Organist to lead our music program. Our current Director is moving to pursue a doctoral degree,
requiring a move outside the region. We are a thriving mid-size United Methodist Congregation located
in downtown Florence, two blocks away from the University of North Alabama. We offer three Sunday
worship services: Traditional services at 8:15 and 11:00 a.m. and a 30-minute Family Service at 9:00 a.m.,
explicitly designed for children and their parents. Our church has two full-time pastors, seven full-time
staff members (including this position), six part-time staff members, and a wonderful group of dedicated
The music program consists of the Sanctuary Choir (25-30 adult singers) and the Wesley Ringers (adult
handbell choir with seven ringers). The new Director of Music/Organist will help us develop age-level
choirs to create a “farm system” of musicians, growing new singers and musicians for the future. The
Director of Music/Organist leads the music program with assistance from a part-time Assistant Music
Director who holds a master’s degree. He is also a band director at an area junior high school. We have 7
University of North Alabama music students who serve as Choral Scholars performing with the
Sanctuary Choir, who also can perform as a separate ensemble. We have a team of volunteers who run
our music library consisting of over 2,000 titles, including octavos, handbell music, instrumental music,
orchestral scores/parts, and major works.
In addition to weekly and seasonal services, the Sanctuary Choir, along with an Orchestra, present three
extended performances a year for the congregation and community: a Christmas cantata or concert, an
Easter major-work performance, and a concert for the W.C. Handy Music Festival (which will be our 40th
annual concert this year).

The primary duty of the Director of Music/Organist is to maintain and build upon a program of sacred
liturgical music for all worship services. The Director of Music/Organist provides music within the
United Methodist liturgical tradition that inspires the congregation in worship. Creative license is
encouraged in various settings to awaken fresh thinking about worship and the arts.
This purpose is fulfilled through coordination with the Assistant Choir Director for the shared direction
of choirs and other ensembles and the execution of organ music for all worship services. Furthermore,
the Director of Music/Organist will educate the congregation on the role and nature of worship music.
We provide music for the community through special events such as the W.C. Handy Blues Festival
Annual Concert, an annual event with over 250 concerts over the festival’s ten days. The Shoals area is
rich in the Rhythm & Blues, Rock, and Country musical traditions (including the FAME Recording
Studios that is responsible for some of the greatest hits over the last 50 years, and the Muscle Shoals
Sound Studio, home of the “Swampers” studio band). The area is also rich in popular musical talent like
Jason Isbell, John Paul White, and scores of other Grammy-winning studio musicians. We have the Shoals
Symphony Orchestra, one of the best small community orchestras in the U.S. First United Methodist
Church intends to remain a relevant musical influence by providing high-quality, cutting-edge music
programs that span the classical composers of timeless worship music to more modern forms of music
and the arts.

General Responsibilities:
Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with and supportive of the mission
of the Church. Our public and online behavior must reflect Christian values. This position does not
require membership in the United Methodist Church; however, it is expected that all employees respect
United Methodist doctrine and worship practices. Reasonable accommodation for the religious practice
of employees who are not members of the United Methodist Church will similarly be provided; however,
participation in church events beyond the music program will significantly improve the chances of
building a successful music program.

Representative Responsibilities:
Choral Direction, Rehearsing, and Service Playing
1. Providing organ music for all worship services at First United Methodist Church of Florence
2. Coordinating responsibilities with the Assistant Choir Director to train, conduct, and rehearse the
Sanctuary Choir
3. Recruiting, conducting, and rehearsing a 24-piece orchestra for special musical presentations
4. Develop a program of age-level choirs (i.e., a Children’s and Children’s Bell Choirs, Youth and
Youth Bell Choirs) or recruit and supervise volunteers over these choirs, offering guidance and
support to their efforts
5. Develop a music program for the First United Methodist Church Day School or recruit and
supervise volunteers, offering advice and support for their efforts
6. Selecting hymns, choral repertoire, and organ repertoire according to the liturgical calendar in
consultation with the Senior Pastor
7. Rehearsing with other instrumentalists as needed
8. Providing musical and artistic support to creative programming in worship settings as well as
other informal settings
9. Overseeing and coordinating music for weddings and funerals as needed, for which a separate
stipend will be paid for weddings. Funeral honorariums are at the discretion of the families.
10. Training, conducting, and rehearsing the Wesley Ringers

Communication and Personnel:
1. Attend and participate in regular staff meetings (twice monthly)
2. Attend and participate in monthly Worship Planning Meetings with the Worship Committee
3. Facilitate weekly Production Meetings with the Communications Director/Video Producer and
Audio Engineer.
4. Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor to discuss the design and execution of liturgies
5. Recruit, supervise, and direct all paid Choral Scholars
6. Consult with families regarding wedding and funeral liturgies as requested, specifically for
music selections
7. Secure musicians when you are not available to lead in worship and submit the appropriate
requests for payment in a timely manner to the Finance Manager for any stipends to be paid
8. Serve as a liaison for the musical and liturgical education of the congregation.
9. Provide content and subject matter in updating the website relevant to the music program
Administration, Publication, and Planning
1. Plan hymns, choral repertoire, and organ repertoire to fit with the sermons (mostly from the
Lectionary) and the Church Liturgical Year
2. Prepare the Order of Worship weekly for publication and work with the Communications staff to
facilitate a quality visual representation.
3. Prepare additional bulletins for special liturgies including, but not limited to Blue Christmas (or
the Darkest Night), Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy (Holy) Thursday, Good Friday,
and any other special worship observances.
4. In consultation with the Day School Director, plan music classes and performances
5. Oversee the music budget, and allocate funds for choral scholars, instrument maintenance, and
library as appropriate to the optimal success of the program
6. Prepare contracts and payment requests for vocalists, instrumentalists, and seasonal orchestral
members in a timely fashion.
7. Prepare and communicate rehearsal schedules for all ensembles in a timely manner
8. Write articles for newsletters and bulletins educating the congregation on the role of music in the
liturgy, and include notes in the Order of Worship, providing context for the musical selections
when appropriate or necessary
Preparatory Work
1. Diligently study and prepare all scores for choral rehearsals, both for the Sanctuary Choir and the
future age-level choirs yet to be developed.
2. Prepare scores and parts for major choral/orchestral works or other music for big performances
of the year (Christmas, Easter, W.C. Handy, other special concerts as they come up)
3. At the organ, prepare and rehearse all hymns, service music, and organ accompaniments
4. Help all those involved in the music program to embrace preparation as a key to the successful
execution of worship music and model a commitment to planning and preparation
5. Notify the appropriate Church personnel if there are any technical or facility issues requiring
attention before a worship service or other performance
Development and Recruiting
1. Audition and recruit Choral Scholars as needed in conjunction with the Assistant Music Director.
2. Recruit and train members for Sanctuary Choir and the Wesley Ringers
3. The Director of Music/Organist can provide private vocal or instrumental lessons for a separate
fee, so long as these lessons don’t interfere with job-related responsibilities.
4. The Director of Music, Organist can seek adjunct teaching opportunities at the local colleges so
long as any commitment doesn’t interfere with performing the responsibilities with the
church. This adjunct work is seen by the church as a recruiting opportunity for the Director of
Music/Organist to invite students to become a part of the First United Methodist Church music
5. Continue to develop and curate the Florenzmusik Concert Series, a series of recitals and other
performances highlighting local and guest musicians as a community outreach program.
Develop a System of Age-Level Choirs
1. Promote, build, and educate Age-Level Choirs (noting that this will be an incremental
implementation as talent and resources are available to cultivate)
2. Seek to use music as a connection between the Day School and the Church
3. Coordinate responsibility for rehearsals as needed with the Assistant Choir Director and choirs
4. Consider planning and preparing an annual summer daytime camp to train and promote the
chorister program

Maintenance and Resources:
1. Oversee upkeep, maintenance, and tuning of all instruments, including the 1982 Reuter Pipe
Organ (II Manuals, 18 Ranks Including Chimes), Yamaha Conservatory Baby Grand piano in the
sanctuary, four octaves of Schulmerich Carillon Handbells, and various other instruments
throughout the church. We are currently in the process of having our organ upgraded to a solid-
state Peterson combination action system. Additionally, the Swell Machine on the organ is being
2. Supervise the organization and inventory of the music library in conjunction with the choral
3. Provide physical and electronic copies of materials for all choir and ensemble members
4. Take responsibility for copyright laws and licensure. This includes keeping our CCLI license up
to date.

Qualifications and Competences:
Education Bachelor’s degree Graduate degree in a music-related subject

Musical Abilities:
Thorough training in organ performance  and worship service playing

Command of organ repertoire, representing the complete compositional
spectrum of styles and periods

Ability to follow the intricacies of the liturgy while playing and conducting

Skilled in the art of improvisation.

Skilled in choral accompaniment from the organ

Capable of conducting from the console

Trained in choral conducting Considerable formation as a vocal coach

Knowledge of the church music repertoire and current composers/arrangers

Understanding of performance practices appropriate to style and period

Command of diction in English

Familiarity with the Church’s liturgical calendar

Effective and efficient choral rehearsal technique

Proficiency with composition and arranging

Technical understanding of the operation of musical instruments, and ability to

Skilled in minor organ repairs, such as tuning reeds

Additional Skills:
Proficiency with Microsoft Office, and other basic software.

Proficiency with Finale, or other music engraving software

Ability to work with Children, Youth, and Adults

Executive leadership skills:
Knowledge and respect of United Methodist theology, doctrine, and practices

Devout practice of your faith

Personal Qualities:
Ability to work under pressure and respond appropriately

Ability to adapt well to last minute changes

Commitment to maintaining harmonious morale in the workplace

The responsibilities listed above are representative responsibilities intended to describe the general
nature and level of work performed by the staff member assigned to this position. It is not intended to be
an exhaustive list of responsibilities required of the position. Assigned responsibilities may change, as the
Church’s needs change.

Mental Demands:
• Verbal, written, and presentation communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to work well with others, including supervision
• Skills in relating with the public, the media, church members, occasionally difficult people, and in
managing conflicting expectations
• Confidentiality, integrity, and honesty
• Ability to work under pressure with frequent interruptions
• Coordinate and implement multiple concurrent tasks
• Ability to plan and organize to meet deadlines
• Always maintain a positive and helpful attitude, even during difficult times
• Maintain healthy boundaries for professional effectiveness and personal well-being

Physical Demands:
Be able to work a varying work schedule with periodic long hours, especially during religious holidays

How to Apply:

Applications Accepted until filled.


Send resumes to: