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Pinnacle View (formerly Winfield) United Methodist Church
Little Rock, AR


  • Type of Position: Part-Time
  • Date Posted: August 23, 2021

Job Description

This person will need to grasp basic understanding of The United Methodist Church, its theology and worship. This awareness includes being or becoming familiar with resources available through The United Methodist Church, such as The United Methodist Book of Worship, The United Methodist Hymnal, The Faith We Sing, and Worship & Song. This person should avail themselves regularly of planning resources, such as the The United Methodist Church Planning Calendar with recommendations for all types of music and the in-depth Discipleship Ministries resources at The Music Director is invited to research new music and materials, such as hymns, responsive psalms, doxologies, etc., for worship, choirs, soloists and technology.

This person will exercise coordinate and execute all music within worship services. (Currently, there is only one regular Sunday service). However, there are special seasonal services like Advent, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Pentecost, Easter, an occasional memorial, and rare weddings. There will also be consideration for special United Methodist observations like Human Relations Sunday, as well as Mother’s/Father’s Day, etc. The Senior Pastor plans each sermon series ahead to provide a starting point for the Music Director in selecting music. The Senior Pastor will approve the final worship service.

This position requires organization of the music ministry, music files, and its direction, such as any and all choirs, musicians and soloists, hired or volunteer. Online worship requires additional planning with an eye to what the non-church members are seeing. The choir loft (seating, music stands, mics, etc.) should be organized and neat since it is seen on camera by potential guests. Make sure there is a "Music Librarian" for the church – purchase, file, catalogue, and supervise any lending out of all church music.

Since the Music Director reports to the Senior Pastor, who casts the vision for the future of the church, they will meet regularly and schedule a mutually convenient time.

The Music Director will also work with the contract production person who assists in shooting the videography, sound, and putting together the final worship for online viewing. This may require tweaking sounds of vocals with monitors, mics, balance, etc.

The Music Director is the shepherd of the music ministries. Regular rehearsals will take place in advance of worship. In addition, the Music Director will find ways to connect with the choir. Building relationships with long-time members and new guests are a priority. The Music Director represents Jesus Christ to the Church and beyond as a leader, and shall conduct himself/herself with care, kindness, humility, and joy.

Item #6 includes the use of and recruitment of all ages and abilities of persons who are able to participate in music ministries, including guest soloists and musicians. The Music Director should schedule musicians for all services – organ, piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, etc. This written schedule should be shared with all key worship leaders. Communicate with guest preachers about themes, scripture, message title, technology capabilities, and assist them in using those capabilities. The Music Director is responsible for some regular updates about music ministry using the bulletin, the Pinnacle Post, or in review of and changes to the music section of the website.

The Music Director should be aware of when it is time to begin and end music programs, and in consultation, decide with the Senior Pastor, if it is time to launch a Youth Choir or Youth Bell Choir, for example, or to end a program that is dying.

Preferably, the Music Director is also the organist/pianist who accompanies the Chancel Choir, soloists, and any other musician required for the service. However, when this is not possible, an accompanist will be hired/acquired.

The Music Director serves as an "ad hoc" member of the Worship Team and attends meetings as often as possible and/or communicates with the Team.

Maintenance: Recommend the tuning, maintenance, replacement, and/or purchase of new musical instruments. Maintain church's subscriptions to CCLI and CVLI authorizing us to legally use other published materials, especially for online use. Prepare a tentative music and worship budget each year for the Board. Submit in writing requests for upgrades, additional music, and upgrades in equipment, etc.

The Music Director will schedule a continuing education event with the church leadership, such as Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection, or another equipping event. This may also be a webinar.

The Music Director has Sundays off to refresh and rest, and will plan these in consultation with the Senior Pastor. Requests should be placed in writing to provide adequate scheduling and calendaring for substitutions. The number of Sundays off is negotiable.

Given the current trajectory of the Winfield/Pinnacle View UMC congregation, worship needs will be assessed regularly and require adjustments by the Senior Pastor in consultation with the Music Director.

Contact/How to Apply

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