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First United Methodist Church
Jacksonville, AR


  • Type of Position: Full-Time
  • Experience Requirement: At least 3 years
  • Education Requirement: Bachelor's
  • Date Posted: June 15, 2021

Job Description

Jacksonville First United Methodist Church is seeking a talented, spirited, Christian to lead, develop, foster, and grow our worship services to better serve our God and our congregation by providing a collaborative, inclusive, and inspirational music program. This is a full-time position. Job duties include planning music in support of the Pastor's worship plans; preparing visuals, scheduling and leading rehearsals; and inspiring, supporting, and leading congregants in ensembles.

Currently, Jacksonville First United Methodist has one "blended" worship service in which we use "traditional" and "contemporary" music. It is the vision of the congregation to develop two distinct worship services, one traditional and one contemporary. The Director of Music Ministry would oversee the planning and implementation of music for both services.

About the Position:

The Director must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ with a desire to grow spiritually.

The Director of Music Ministry must meet the program objective by planning, preparing, coordinating, managing various aspects of the music program. This requires collaboration with the Senior Pastor, a variety of ensembles, volunteers, and others. The Director must be a self-starter with demonstrated organizational and leadership skills, and the ability to think strategically.

The Director must understand traditional and contemporary music styles and select traditional or contemporary music appropriate for the liturgical calendar, the Senior Pastor's plans for the service and sermon, and at a level of difficulty appropriate for the musicians.

The Director is expected to seek feedback from musicians and the congregation and adjust the music program so the musicians and the congregation feel comfortable singing and participating in the music selected.

The Director is expected to use the gifts of the congregation in the Choir, Praise Band, Hand Bell Choirs, Children/Youth groups, other musical ensembles/soloists, and technicians. The Director must resource, coordinate, and rehearse with the varied musical groups scheduled to be part of worship services.

The Director must communicate with appropriate people and groups to ensure they are aware of the music to be played and rehearsal times. He/she must ensure performance spaces are reserved, and technicians have the resources and training so they can perform their job. The Director is expected to grow the program through such means as encouraging and inspiring the congregation to participate in musical performances and singing during worship services.

Basic piano skills are preferred. We prefer to have someone who can play the piano during rehearsals and worship services.

General Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Senior Pastor to plan and provide a music program that supports the Pastor’s sermon and the liturgical calendar.
  • Recruit, train, and rehearse varied musical ensembles.
  • Lead congregation in worship.
  • Communicate/report needs and issues relating to the Music ministries to your supervisor.
  • Respect and adhere to Safe Sanctuary Policies and Procedures at all times.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Plan worship with Senior Pastor by selecting musical pieces supportive of the vision of the upcoming services. Typically, meet monthly with the Senior Pastor and have fully developed music and musical performances prepared for a minimum of the next six to eight weeks. Select musical pieces suitable to gifts and talents of the varied ensembles/soloists and in line with the service type – traditional or contemporary; the liturgical calendar and the Senior Pastor’s plans for the service and sermon. Ensembles may include Praise Band (contemporary music), choir, hand bells, children/youth groups, men’s ensemble, ladies ensemble, soloists, and duet groups.
  • Conduct, rehearse, and/or resource varied musical groups/soloists such that they are well prepared for performances. For example, Rehearse with the Choir, and Hand Bell Choir weekly to prepare for worship on Sundays ensuring enough lead time for groups to be performance ready (2-4 weeks lead time).
  • Be attentive to the worship needs of the congregation and be open to developing new ensembles, soloists, etc, as needed. Recruit singers and musicians for continuing growth of ensembles and other church music programs. Encourage, coach, and rehearse additional groups as interest surfaces or develop leaders for varied ensemble groups.
  • Provide clear schedules, instructions, resources, and other necessary information to the Praise Band, Choir, Hand Bell Choirs, and other ensembles.
  • Manage and maintain the music library ensuring filing system is logical, user friendly, and clearly marked. Administer and organize music copies, scores and charts, and music recordings. Administer music publishing, purchase subscriptions, order and distribute music, and secure copyright licensures.
  • Be present at all worship services and lead congregational song as well as performing ensembles.
  • Create visual content for the congregation using “Easy Worship” software or recruit and train volunteers to create visual content for the congregation. For example, lyrics for all congressional songs suitable for projecting on screen (unless there is obvious reason for an exception). Coordinate with others to obtain information about other audio/visual content such as announcements and ensure such content is included in the "Easy Worship" presentation in the correct sequence. Coordinate weekly with the audio/video technicians to ensure they have the necessary visual aids aligned with the order of worship.
  • Set up Live Streams prior to weekly and special services.
  • Manage and maintain church musical instruments.
  • Prepare a budget for maintenance requirements and submit it to the Senior Pastor and Finance Committee.
  • Work with funeral directors, wedding planners, and other event coordinators to ensure their needs are met and our policies/guidelines are followed for worship and events.
  • Schedule and coordinate with the Facilities Manager rehearsal and performance spaces ensuring reservations are posted on church calendar.
  • Contribute to the weekly newsletter.

Contact/How to Apply

Apply by submitting your resume to Rev. Nathan Kilbourne at Questions about the position can also be directed to Rev. Kilbourne via email.