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Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church
Cincinnati, OH


  • Type of Position: Full-Time
  • Education Requirement: Master's preferred
  • Experience Requirement: At least 5 years
  • Date Posted: October 18, 2019

Job Description

The Director of Music position is full-time (40 hours) and is responsible for the implementation, administration and oversight of all musical activities at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, including staffing, visioning, goal setting, planning and execution. The Director of Music develops, supports and enhances the worship life of the congregation and the ministry of music. The position reports to the Senior Pastor via the Servant Leadership Board.

The Director of Music has personal responsibility for two adult choirs (Wesley Choir and Cathedral Choir) and supervisory responsibility for the following individuals and/or groups within the church:

  • Resident Organist/Executive Director of the Organ Concert Series
  • Worship at 11 Leader (Praise Band Director)
  • Director of Sunshine Singers (choir for children in grades 3-8)
  • Director of Joy Singers (choir for children age 3- grade 2)
  • Director of Youth Choir (not currently active)
  • Director of Carillon Choir
  • Choral Scholars
  • Music Librarian (volunteer position)
  • Community Choristers Leader (volunteer position)

Primary Responsibilities & Duties

  • Develop a comprehensive music program that embraces the broader vision advanced by the Servant Leadership Board and the Worship Leadership Team, the latter comprised of the Senior Pastors, Director of Music, Resident Organist and Worship at 11 Leader.
  • Rehearse, conduct and select repertoire for two adult choirs that meet weekly and provide music for two Sunday morning traditional worship services, (September through mid-June), as well as for Christmas and Easter services. The Cathedral Choir consists of 40+ members who have previous choral experience. The Wesley Choir consists of 25 members, many of whom have no previous choral experience.
  • Collaborate with the pastors and the music staff to set annual goals for the development and administration of the music program for children, youth and adults.
  • Attend weekly planning sessions with key members of the Worship Leadership Team; plan service music and repertoire for the choirs; and prepare weekly worship materials for publication in the bulletin using Planning Center.
  • Create a master calendar that includes all scheduled music activities for the year (September – August), including choir and ensemble rehearsals and performances for worship services, concerts, recitals and other special events.
  • Work closely with the pastors, organist, ushers, technical engineers and custodians to ensure that musical presentations during weekly worship services run smoothly and that any technical/logistical issues are anticipated.
  • Develop and manage the music ministry’s annual budget (fiscal year), including the purchase of music and related supplies.
  • Develop and supervise the schedule of vocalists, instrumentalists and ensembles for summer worship in the sanctuary (mid-June through August).
  • Design and manage the overall production and coordination of special worship events that may require choral music, including funerals/memorial services, seasonal concerts by church ensembles, recitals and concerts by visiting artists, special music programs for church groups, etc.
  • Attend and possibly lead sessions at appropriate regional and national workshops and conferences, such as those sponsored by the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts.
  • Develop educational sessions for HPCUMC musicians to improve and refine their skills.
  • Engage outside musicians as needed to sing and/or play for anthems or other service music during regular worship services and for special concerts.
  • Recruit and train new members for Wesley and Cathedral Choirs.
  • Recruit Choral Scholars (typically voice majors from area schools such as the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, who serve as paid section leaders for the two adult choirs).
  • Oversee church copyright compliance for copyrighted materials that require it. Oversee maintenance, repair and tuning schedules for musical instruments. Coordinate time off as needed for personal and family needs.

Skills & Abilities Required for the Position

  • Exceptional choral conducting skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the sacred music repertoire, including major choral works
  • Strong, but humble, leadership skills
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Superior interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate with people at all levels both inside and outside of the church community
  • Excellent computer and administrative skills
  • The ability to challenge and to inspire those who serve in the music ministry
  • The ability to create innovative programming
  • The ability to provide a vision that will honor well-established music traditions, while taking the program to the next level
  • The ability to work with, and across, multiple musical genres

Contact/How to Apply

Please send cover letter, three references (such as a degree mentor, a current or former supervisor, a congregant, a choir member), a digital 20-30 minute video of applicant conducting a rehearsal, and salary expectations by January 15, 2020, to the Rev. Dr. Cathy Johns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..