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First United Methodist Church
Rocky Mount, NC


  • Type of Position: Full-Time
  • Date Posted: October 29, 2018

Job Description

The primary roles of this position are leading the praise band at our contemporary worship service on Sunday mornings, managing a number of communications platforms (church App, social media, digital signs and monitors, website), and partnering with our Lead and Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, and other staff to cultivate connections within and beyond our church, in order to help our church fulfill its mission, "To Know Christ and To Make Christ Known."

Ministry Position Description:

The Contemporary Worship Leader/Communications Director (CWL/CD) directs and facilitates worship, so that the congregation can praise God, grow in faith, and be motivated for mission and service. This position provides leadership and direction – in collaboration with the Lead Pastor, Worship Team, and Praise Band – for the Sunday morning contemporary worship service, occasional special worship services, and Sunday evening youth gatherings. The CWL/CD coordinates communications in the congregation and beyond to promote the church’s mission and ministries.

Results of Ministry:

Music is selected through regular meetings and collaboration with the Worship Team that supports and enhances the specific worship theme each Sunday.

The Praise Band, along with any guest vocalists and instrumentalists, is prepared to lead music with excellence through regular rehearsals (twice a week – once on Sunday morning before worship and once during the week).

The congregation experiences authentic, passionate worship through the direction of the CWL/CD connecting the songs to scripture, prayers, sermons, and other elements of worship.

The Praise Band sings and plays with understanding and confidence during worship by the direction of the CWL/CD.

The weekly selection of songs is communicated to office staff and video teams in a timely manner on a regular schedule. (CWL/CD inputs song titles into Planning Center and specific song lyrics into Pro Presenter weekly.)

Meaningful and thematic music is provided for seasonal worship services, such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Advent and Christmas Eve, and in joint ventures with traditional worship services occasionally.

All musical, sound and video equipment is available, set up and working properly in coordination with sound and video teams in locations throughout the church.

Volunteers for sound and video teams are recruited, equipped and coordinated with the Praise Band (by the CWL/CD), so they can serve with understanding and confidence during worship and other events.

Information and upcoming events are updated weekly in an appealing format and uniform manner across all platforms (church App, social media, exterior electronic sign, monitor in Hub, church website, etc.)

Detailed knowledge of the ministries of our church is continually maintained, and videos and slideshows of these and significant activities in the life of our church are regularly produced with excellence on a timely basis.

Thoughtful outreach to, and cultivation of, connections made through all these platforms are pursued in order to grow the Kingdom of God, whether through marketing, analytics, and/or direct personal contact — creativity is encouraged!


  • A committed and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • A dedication to the church promoting an environment of support and unity.
  • A history of experience in contemporary music ministry, communications and social media.
  • A familiarity with the Bible and scriptural themes.
  • An understanding and support of the United Methodist Church’s doctrine in all areas of faith and practice.
  • An ability to network, lead and build a team while functioning as a team member.
  • A knowledge of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Pro Presenter, Song Select, photo and video production and editing, other worship software and an aptitude for learning new systems.

Contact/How to Apply

Send a letter of interest, resume and three references to the Rev. Jim Bell, Lead Pastor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..