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United Reformed Church
Somerville, NJ


  • Type of Position: Part-Time
  • Date Posted: August 18, 2018

Job Description

The mission of United Reformed Church of Somerville is “Love All and Serve All in the Name of Jesus Christ.” All staff and members of United Reformed are expected to practice this vision in their life together.

United Reformed Church is a main-street church, situated in the heart of the vibrant county seat of Somerset County. Somerville is a growing community with very active foot traffic coming for its frequent street fairs, parades, “Friday Night Cruisin’,” annual jazz festival, and many culinary and cultural opportunities. We are historically a multi-cultural community, with significant populations of Latinx, African American, and Asian Indian friends and neighbors. It is a revitalizing community, having come through a period of decline, but now attracting significant new investment that will serve the community’s economic foundation for decades to come. United Reformed Church celebrates its position in the heart of such a community, and welcomes opportunities to open its doors in fulfillment of its mission.

United Reformed Church sees its musical life developing in a varied and blended direction that reflects the diverse desires of the congregation. While the foundation of congregational singing at United will continue to be hymns accompanied by an organ, music at United will increasingly include a range of musical styles, led by a choir, and accompanied by additional instrumentation.

Specific Duties of the Director of Music/Organist:

  • Develop, organize, direct, schedule, and accompany the adult choir
  • Maintain the agreements for additional musicians (vocal and/or instrumental) who are hired to supplement Sunday services or special services
  • Play the organ, piano, and/or keyboard for regularly scheduled worship services
  • Provide preludes and postludes for regularly scheduled worship services
    • The Music Director will be expected to be present for all services during the seasons of Advent (including Christmas Eve), Lent (including Ash Wednesday and Good Friday), and for the 12th Night Boar’s Head Festival.
  • Consult with the pastor relative to the selection of hymns to be sung by the congregation
  • Maintain or schedule maintenance for the organ, pianos, and handbells
  • Maintain the music library and the choir room
  • Attend staff meetings as requested
  • Work with the Worship Committee regarding music budget and any other matters
  • Meet annually with the Personnel Committee to review the job description and performance
  • Work with the Directors of the 12 th Night Boar’s Head Festival

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Hires, supervises, and dismisses section leaders and instrumentalists
  • Submits section leader and instrumentalist records to Church Treasurer for payment
  • Finds substitutes for Sundays off

Capabilities Required:

  • Is a highly capable organist
  • Is able to perform on other keyboards (piano, clavinova)
  • Enjoys working with a mostly volunteer set of singers
  • Knowledge of basic choral skills
  • Is able to direct a handbell choir
  • Uses the computer effectively for communications
  • Performs and leads music in a range of musical styles

Resources Available:

  • Budget for Paid Section Leaders and Additional Instrumentalists – to be administered in consultation with the Worship Committee
  • Volunteer assistance (if requested) with maintenance of music library
  • Full-size office provided in church
  • Organ: 3 Manual + Pedal Hartman-Beaty, 42 Ranks, 29 voices with electro-mechanical chest action (additional specifications provided on request)
  • Piano: Yamaha C3 Baby Grand in Sanctuary (lesser quality pianos in choir room, lounge, and Fellowship Hall)
  • Yamaha Clavinova
  • Various Percussion instruments in-house

Compensation: Range of $1,500 to $1,833 monthly (annualized $18,000 to $22,000)

Time expected: Average 10-12 hours/week

Contact/How to Apply

Reply with interest and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..