What Time is It?

What Time is It?

First Sunday of Advent

Week of: November 27, 2016
Scripture: Romans 13:11-14

"Besides this, you know what time it is ..."
(Romans 13:11a, NRSV)


What time is it? Is it Thanksgiving? Is it the first Sunday of Advent? Is it Christmas time already? What time is it? Have we adequately prepared? Do we have enough time for rehearsals, study, planning for each Sunday of Advent, for Christmas Eve? — and to add to the fun(!) Christmas is on Sunday this year!

My hope is that we hear Paul’s words, "you know what time it is," not with anxiety and dread (yes, I know what time it is and I’m not ready!) but as an invitation. Yes, now is the time. This present moment is the time to be awake to the presence of the Holy One among us. BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE — right now.

In this moment, our feet are not two Sundays away. Our feet are not in the choir loft or the pulpit on Christmas Eve. Wherever your feet are this moment, be there! We just might be amazed at who we see, what we hear, how we feel when our minds and hearts and bodies join our feet in the present moment.


Loving Presence, you call us to wake from our sleep and our busy-ness to be open to your grace working in us and through us. Amen.

Heritage Sunday and Pentecost

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