Unbound and Abounding


Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Week of: October 13, 2019
Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:8-15

Remember Jesus Christ, who was raised from the dead and descended from David. This is my good news. This is the reason I'm suffering to the point that I'm in prison like a common criminal. But God's word cannot be imprisoned.
(2 Timothy 2:8-9, CEB)


I don't know about you, but Paul's words to his beloved Timothy do my heart a world of good. Heaven knows that the majority of us do not suffer to the point of being incarcerated for the sake of the gospel, but I'm certain we could all recall a time when our efforts to share the message of salvation through Christ Jesus became fettered. Virtual chains shackled the limbs of our creativity, afflicting the heart of our artist ministry.

Budget cuts unravel the new shepherd costumes for the drama department. An outbreak of the flu wipes out your children's presentation for Mother's Day. Your grand plans for a dazzling Pentecost celebration go up in flames because "we've never done it that way before." We strive to rejoice while enduring these blows to our efforts and egos, but we do not sense an up-building of character or hope! (Romans 5:4)

This is when Paul's good news steps in; our God, who cannot be bound by time or space, will likewise not be confined by any human hindrance. God's word cannot be imprisoned, so our perseverance in God's word is not in vain. Granted, the fruits of our labors may not ripen as we first expected. In fact, we may think we planted apples but find kumquats growing instead! Still God's promised faithfulness is immutable and God's message of salvation is "off the chain."


Almighty and ever-present God, we give thanks for your faithfulness and the strength you lend us as we persevere in our art for your sake. Help us to present ourselves as "tried-and-true" workers, never ashamed of your message nor overwhelmed by adversity. We humbly ask these things in the name of your suffering servant, Jesus. Amen.

Beth HolzhemerBeth R. Holzemer
Director of Traditional Music and Worship
First United Methodist Church
Hopkinsville, KY

Photo: Amy Valdez Barker preaches at Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kansas City as part of The Fellowship's 2019 Convocation, "A Place at the Table." (Fellowship photo by Daniel Craig.)

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