The Vine


Fifth Sunday of Easter

Week of: April 29, 2018
Scripture: John 15:1-8

Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me.
(John 15:4, NRSV)


Several years ago, we planted some morning glory seedlings by our mailbox. They grew on the ground for awhile but didn’t seem to be doing that well. We bought some lattice so that the stringy stems would have something to climb. And then we went on vacation.

When we got back, the mailbox had been swallowed up in lush green leaves pierced with delicate blue flowers! Underneath, tendril upon tendril had woven together like rope. Thick vines, tenaciously holding onto every inch of lattice in hopes of getting more sunlight, even wound their way inside the mailbox!

Vines can be powerful, living things. Our life flows from the heart of Christ: the very love of God. From Christ the Vine, we receive the nourishment we need to become stronger branches; our lives intertwining to form a faith-filled latticework of love.

In this season of resurrection, what nourishment do you need to renew your artistic soul? What strengthens you to continue this work of proclaiming the gospel through sacraments of color, movement, music and poetry? What helps you abide in the source of creativity and beauty so that beauty and creativity might continually bear fruit in you?


Nourishing God, Wellspring of Life: weave together our lives, our gifts, our hopes, our hearts. Rooted in Christ, restore us to be fruitful life-givers, vision-bearers, truth-tellers, bridge-builders, lattice-makers. Amen.

Revs. Todd and Jennifer PickRevs. Todd and Jennifer Pick
Central Texas Annual Conference


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