Taking the Risk


Third Sunday after Pentecost

Week of: June 25, 2017
Scripture: Matthew 10:24-39

... and whoever does not take up the cross and follow me is not worthy of me.
(Matthew 10:39, NRSV)


Becoming vulnerable and taking the risk to follow Jesus can be quite frightening. Often fear, especially fear of the unknown, can be an obstacle in pursuing God's call.

For years, Lillian had grown some of the most beautiful flowers in the community. Others urged her to use some of her flowers in the sanctuary for worship. Lillian resisted, fearing her arrangement would not be worthy enough to adorn the worship space. Yet, she kept sensing this intense desire to arrange flowers for the church. Her pastor helped her realize this desire was indeed a calling.

One week, she took a risk and prepared one of the most artistically creative and innovative arrangements ever seen. She faced the obstacle of fear, overcoming it to follow where Christ was leading her.

Whether singing a solo for the first time, taking the initials steps in a liturgical dance, or even playing an incredibly difficult organ prelude when you are not sure you are sufficiently prepared (no matter how much you practiced), these acts of faith are truly signs of a trustworthy disciple of Christ.


O Holy Spirit, instill in us the courage to overcome fear when it threatens to hinder us. Spur us to action in faithfully following Jesus Christ. Amen.

Photo: Flowers adorn the walkway around Lake Junaluska during Music & Worship Arts Week 2015.

Journey 2017: Music & Worship Arts Week begins Sunday, June 25, and continues through Friday, June 30. Please keep our event and its leadership, participants, worship, and activities in your prayers this week!

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