Second Sunday after the Epiphany

Week of: January 14, 2018
Scripture: John 1:43-51

... Philip said to him, "Come and see."
(John 1:46b, NRSV)


Philip has become a follower of Jesus and he shares this news with Nathanael. Don’t you just love Philip’s description? “Come on Nathanael, you know who I’m talking about, Jesus son of Joseph of Nazareth.” And Nathanael’s reply, “Who? From Nazareth? Impossible!” So Philip, searching for the right words, throws up his hands and says, “Oh, just come and see!”

Who of us has all the right words, names, phrases to describe a love so great, a power so amazing found in the person of Jesus? No one word or witness will do. Come and see. No one expression will do. Come and hear. Come and feel. Come with all your senses!

Perhaps Philip is the patron saint of worship artists. As worship leaders, our mission is to invite others to come and see. Come. Bring all your senses. Come and see, hear, feel, touch. Come. Bring your own witness to the love of God made manifest through Jesus Christ.

It is not our job to have all the answers and hand them to our congregation. No. In the spirit of our St. Philip, we invite all to come. We prepare the space and create the avenues for everyone to discover and know the love of Jesus. 


Loving Jesus, may I not wait for Sunday to open all my senses to experience your love today. 

Nancy Hastings HornsbyNancy Hastings Hornsby
Pastor and Retreat Leader
North Alabama Conference of The UMC
Tuscaloosa, AL



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