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Third Sunday after the Epiphany

Week of January 24, 2021
Scripture: Psalm 62:5-12

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.
(Psalm 62:8, NRSV)


I distinctly remember being at a youth retreat in high school and someone asking the leader if it was OK to use strong language when praying. The leader said yes, absolutely, talk to God in whatever way you would talk to a friend.

I remember being surprised because, though I was not exactly thee and thou-ing, I was pretty formal in my prayers, and I was so relieved to hear that I could let it out a notch and be a little more relaxed in my speech.

Depending on who you are, strong language may mean cuss words or it may just mean THE TRUTH. Either way, I am willing to bet God is getting quite an earful these days.

We are encouraged by the psalmist to pour out our hearts before God because God is a refuge for us, a place of warmth and safety. For many of us, this is more important than ever before because we are processing so much at once. If I'm dealing with this, I'm not dealing with that, and the inflow never stops, and friends, it's too much.

So please take this as your gentle reminder – it is vital that you pour out your heart to God. As I have said before, God loves you and is listening. God is trustworthy and God is our refuge. Thanks be to God.


God, thank you for always being with us and for us. We love you; to you be all praise and glory. Amen.

Lindy ThompsonLindy Thompson
Lyricist and Poet
Christ United Methodist Church
Franklin, TN 


Photo: Alexas Fotos / Pixabay



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