Praise Out Loud


Sixth Sunday of Easter

Week of: May 21, 2017
Scripture: Psalm 66:8-20

Praise our God ... let the sound of His praise be heard.
(Psalm 66:8, NIV)


A long time ago, I learned that the power of the Holy Spirit is ushered in on the wings of praise. It seems the stronger our praise, the better God’s Spirit rejoices in it.

This concept of out-loud praise may not be second nature to some of us. However, we might have reason to pray out loud in rehearsals, family meal times, during worship guided by a worship leader, as we awaken to a new day, or when touched by the beauty of creation. Sounding praise aloud is a goal worthy of practice!

I have seen great and mighty things happen when persons are moved to praise God out loud. Beginning every prayer aloud with “thank you” has become my regular personal practice. When remembering and expressing God’s goodness by the prayers we write, words and music we compose, images arranged or drawn, worship artists provide the whole assembly opportunities to express before God praise and thanksgiving, sorrow, or gladness with voice and body.

The practice of out-loud thanksgiving and praise will resonate outwardly into our daily living and our service in the world.


Thank you, gracious God, for your great love, for your beautiful world, and for this day. Walk with me, beside me, in front and behind. Let your words and your thoughts resonate through me today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God Glorified
Greater Things?

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