Praise and Fulfillment


First Sunday After Christmas

Week of: December 31, 2017
Scripture: Luke 2:22-40

Simeon took Jesus in his arms and praised God.
(Luke 2:28, CEB)


Last Sunday we sang the Song of Mary and later that day we celebrated with a “new song.” This Sunday we sing the Song of Simeon filled with praise and fulfillment.

This is usually a week when we music and worship artists can “put our feet up,” relax and spend much-needed time with the ones we love, and replenish our spirit-soul.

I encourage all of us, as worship designers and liturgy leaders, to use these days of Christmas as a time to reflect upon and to marinate in the arts offered in worship – giving praise and thanks for the fulfillment of God’s mighty work in the coming anew of Jesus the Christ.


God of Promise, like Simeon, we praise you for the fulfillment of your promise through your Son, Jesus Christ. Our hope, through your Holy Spirit, is that the arts in worship may germinate into acts of grace, mercy, and peace. We offer up praises of thanksgiving to you, not only this Christmas season, but until the close of our li​ves​ on earth. Amen.

Amy YoungbloodAmy Youngblood
Director of Music Ministries
First United Methodist Church
Stuttgart, AR


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