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Never Be Shaken


Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

Week of: February 9, 2020
Scripture: Psalm 112:1-9 (10)

Those who honor the Lord, who adore God's commandments, are truly happy! ... They shine in the dark for others who do right. They are merciful, compassionate, and righteous. Those who lend generously are good people — as are those who conduct their affairs with justice. Yes, these sorts of people will never be shaken ...
(Psalm 112:1, 4-6a, CEB [adapted])


The assigned psalm for this Sunday serves as a confirming follow-up to last Sunday's Hebrew scripture from Micah 6 describing in simple terms three dimensions of right living: do good, do no harm, stay in love with God.

Psalm 112 reminds worshippers that all who are faithful in "right living" — showing mercy, compassion, generosity, and justice – these sorts of people will never be shaken!

This "interim" season of Ordinary Time (the sequence of Sundays after the 12 days of Christmas and before Lent begins) is an excellent time to assess one's own commitment to acts of kindness, mercy, and justice — looking also to those who are past and present examples for us in "right living."

The psalm-hymn for this Sunday offers worshippers the words to sing in affirmation of the blessings and assurances which come from living with Christ-like intentionality. Let all that you do in worship arts ministry be this praise!


Jesus, our companion and life guide, open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts to the ways in which you call us to serve the needs of both "stranger" and "neighbor" – prompted by your Holy Spirit to acts of compassion and mercy. Amen.

Roger DowdyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deacon, The United Methodist Church
CROSS-PATHS Ministries
Richmond, VA 


Photo: Mark Miller conducts the Young Adult Choir during a Thursday evening concert at Music & Worship Arts Week 2019.     (Fellowship photo by Daniel Craig.)

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