My Shepherd


Fourth Sunday of Easter

Week of April 25, 2021
Scripture: Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
(Psalm 23:1, NRSV)


Beloved and familiar scripture like Psalm 23 is a path we walk on. The opening phrase tells us where we are and where we are going, and there is an internal sigh of relief as we begin our well-known journey.

Oh, right, God is my shepherd, my loving parent, the one who watches over me. My needs are known to God and will be taken care of.

The world God made is lovely, and nature waits to comfort and calm me, imbued as it is with the very mind of God.

God will renew my weary soul and guide me in the way I should go.

Life will not be easy. Terribly difficult trials will come, but God will always be with me. I will never, ever be alone.

I am dear to God, marked by grace and deeply blessed.

God's love and kindness will ever be with me, and the heart of God is my home, now and forever more, amen.



Holy God, we thank you so much for the beautiful and healing words you have provided for us. They are a blessing for which we are truly grateful. Amen.

Lindy ThompsonLindy Thompson
Lyricist and Poet
Christ United Methodist Church
Franklin, TN 


Photo: Jerzy Górecki / Pixabay


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