Living a Full Life


Twenty-Third after Pentecost

Week of: October 28, 2018
Scripture: Job 42:1-6, 10-17

And Job died, old and full of days.
(Job 42:17, NRSV)


A privilege of being a Minister of Music is walking with families through the death of a loved one. Through the years of planning funerals and hearing family remembrances, I sometimes think, "What will people say about me when it comes time for my memorial service?"

I had a mini-stroke 10 years ago and died for a few seconds. During my death, I talked with my Creator about being ready to come to heaven. God told me my earthly days were not finished and that I would be headed back to earth. When one has had a direct conversation with the Almighty, one is no longer afraid of death. You want to live every moment and be totally in God's will.

Job survived all of his tribulations. Throughout his life of trials he learned to live a complete life. When he died, he died "full of days."

Let us be fulfilled in our worship arts through serving our art and others. We cannot waste a single day!


God of all days and seasons of life, may we live our lives fully serving you through our varied arts. When our time comes, and we pass from this earthly realm to your eternal kingdom, may we rest assured that we offered our best and fulfilled our calling. May we die "full of days." Amen.

C. Milton RodgersRev. C. Milton Rodgers III
Minister of Music and Organist
Grace United Methodist Church
Manassas, VA

Photo: The dewdrops linger on the flowers at the Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center during Music & Worship Arts Week 2018.   (Fellowship photo by Daniel Craig.)

National Conference for Sacred Music 2019

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