Easter Sunday

Week of: April 1, 2018
Scripture: John 20:1-18

The disciples returned to their homes. But Mary stood weeping outside the tomb ...
(John 20:10-11, NRSV)


It’s Holy Week, and as worship artists, we are running a marathon.

We will reenact the story which transforms mourning into dancing.

We will enter the deep darkness and paint the dawning light which overcomes it.

We will sing of a love strong enough to open the tombs of our hearts, raising us to life abundant. We will walk the road to “Alleluia” by way of the valley of death, slowly winding our way to a garden teeming with life.

In the darkness of Easter morning, Peter and the beloved disciple (after running a marathon of their own) entered the empty tomb. They witnessed the confining cocoon, which once held death, now discarded. Without a word, they returned to their homes. The rest of the resurrection story belongs to Mary. Lingering, longing, looking closer: she’s the one who sees angels! She’s the one who encounters the risen Lord, who lovingly calls her by name!

Many will come to church this Sunday to celebrate new life. How will the worship experiences we create beckon them to linger? How will we embody hope reborn, hearts made new, and love let loose so that others will long to look closer … until the Living Christ calls them by name?


Running the marathon which rehearses resurrection, give us spaces to linger;

Entering the drama where love overcomes death, help us look closer;

Proclaiming alleluias, give us eyes to truly see you, Christ of our rising strength.



Revs. Todd and Jennifer PickRevs. Todd and Jennifer Pick
Central Texas Annual Conference