Third Sunday of Easter

Week of: April 15, 2018
Scripture: Luke 24:13-49 *

When [Jesus] was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. 
(Luke 24:30-31, NRSV)


Blessed, broken, shared, and opened … it is the pattern of our very lives, not just the communion table. Did the Emmaus travelers know this truth as they invited a stranger to stay with them and asked him to share in a simple meal? What exactly did their burning hearts desire? Did they know that they would become bread for the world, grace made visible — a living sacrament?

In this season of resurrection, how do we embody this liturgical dance of sacramentality? There are days when we feel more broken than blessed; days in which we share all that we are, praying for those whom we lead to break open and join in the dance with eyes fully opened to the reality of Christ in their midst.

To keep leading the dance, we need to be fed. We need to sit at ordinary-yet-holy tables singing grace with strangers and friends, being human together. Feasting in our blessing and brokenness, we discover that we can be shared and opened to new possibility and new life!


God of meager meals and rich feasts, lead us to the table of love. Let us be blessed. Let us be broken open to your actions in our lives every day. Let us be bread. Amen.

* Note: This devotion is based on a text from the Year B lectionary readings for Easter Evening.

Revs. Todd and Jennifer PickRevs. Todd and Jennifer Pick
Central Texas Annual Conference