Expressions of Faith


Day of Pentecost

Week of: June 4, 2017
Scripture: Acts 2:1-21

... in our own languages we hear them speaking about God's deeds of power.
(Acts 2:11, NRSV)


Imagine the excitement and energy as the wind rushed through the house, tongues of fire rested upon those gathered, and numerous languages filled the room as the Spirit enabled. The variety of languages is a reminder of the diversity of the Body of Christ at work in the world today.

Just as spoken language communicates "God’s deeds of power," a myriad of artistic expressions communicate the Good News in worship. Imagine if there was only one medium used for communication. What a bland and boring world in which we would live!

Remarkably, God gifts us with a wide array of artistic manifestations through which we can impart God’s love and grace. As one created in the image of God, realize you are a co-creator with God in conveying beauty and love through incredible expressions of faith. May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire and empower you to do great things ... all to God’s glory!


Holy God, it is humbling to use the artistic abilities with which you have gifted us. May we rely upon your Spirit to guide us in disclosing what you have done for humankind through Jesus Christ, in whom we pray. Amen.

Photo: Dancers prepare for Wednesday morning worship at The Fellowship's Music & Worship Arts Week 2016 at Lake Junaluska, NC. 

From the President: 'Not Again?'
The Master Creator

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