Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Week of: August 18, 2019
Scripture: Isaiah 5:1-7

Let me sing for my beloved my love-song concerning his vineyard ...
(Isaiah 5:1, NRSV)


The opening of this pericope in the 5th chapter of Isaiah presents itself as a love song. The writer begins by speaking of the many things his beloved did to care for his vineyard to promote growth and a fruitful harvest, but was met with disappointment. Not only were his expectations unfulfilled, but he also faced judgment for this perceived failure.

This text reminds us that things will not always work as we plan. There will be times when we are faced with disappointment. There will be times when we labor, expecting the results to be a fruitful harvest, but end up with an unproductive yield. While this does not seem fair, we continue to labor, knowing that we do not labor in vain.

Thus, we continue to preach, to pray, to sing, and to worship knowing that in due season, our vineyard will flourish.


Lord, in the midst of disappointments, let us remember that we do not labor in vain. We know you see our good works. Let that knowledge propel us to continue in our calling, especially when others want to judge us as failures. Amen.

Sherri Wood-PoweRev. Dr. Sherri E. Wood-Powe
Pastor, Oak Chapel UMC
Chair, Baltimore-Washington Conference Worship Team
Silver Spring, MD

Photo: A dramatic portrayal of scripture as seen during worship at Music & Worship Arts Week 2019. (Fellowship photo by Daniel Craig.)

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