Bursting Forth

Bursting Forth

Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Week of: January 8, 2017
Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17

“And when Jesus had been baptized, just as he came up from the water, suddenly the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.”
(Matthew 3:16, NRSV)


I will never forget the time I was flying back home from China amidst what seemed like complete darkness over the Pacific Ocean. Even though I am never able to sleep on flights, my eyelids could barely stay open as I stared out the window. And then suddenly, rising far off in the distance, breaking through the enormous clouds, light burst forth over all the earth, scattering every hint of darkness. The sun overwhelmed the sky, its brilliant rays racing to all corners of creation, and my heart was equally overwhelmed.

When was the last time you felt as though the heavens were opened, and the very Spirit of God completely took over? Better yet, when was the last time you experienced this in worship?

This moment at Jesus’ baptism is one of the most overwhelming in all of scripture. I invite you to be more open to the reality that because Jesus Christ lives in our midst, the heavens remain open to us – and the glory of God is on permanent display.

May each of us find ways to reveal this reality through our lives and in every act of worship we design by the work of the Holy Spirit within us.


Triune God, may we never be underwhelmed by your glory in our midst. Amen.

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