Second Sunday of Advent

Week of: December 10, 2017
Scripture: Mark 1:1-8

A voice shouting in the wilderness: "Prepare the way for the Lord …"
(Mark 1:3, CEB)


When you truly think about it, John the Baptist is an amusing and intriguing character! He is clothed in camel’s hair held together with a leather belt. He eats only locusts and honey AND he is in the wilderness loudly shouting what some would perceive as crazy stuff.

The significant thing about John is he knew his place in God’s magnificent plan to save the world, and he played the part well. John knew his message and proclaimed it in a place away from the hierarchy of wealth and privilege. Yet, as a human being, it must have been a lonely existence for him.

We may also succumb to the traps of loneliness as we proclaim the message through sacred arts. At times we can feel apart from the world that rushes on without us. But remember the Christ Child comes to those set apart for God’s creative work so that God might be revealed to others.


In the Advent wilderness of our lives, come, Lord Jesus, and deliver us into your LOVE. Amen.

Amy YoungbloodAmy Youngblood
Director of Music Ministries
First United Methodist Church
Stuttgart, AR