A Hunger for the Holy

A Hunger for the Holy

Third Sunday in Lent

Week of: March 19, 2017
Scripture: John 4:5-42

Jesus said to them, "My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to complete his work."
(John 4:34, NRSV)


Did you ever stop to think, when you felt pangs of hunger or thirst, “What is it that I am actually craving?” Sometimes it is simply for things that will nourish our bodies, such as water, or a cheese sandwich. Other times what we crave is much deeper than that.

Jesus was thirsty. Jesus was refreshed by his experience with the Samaritan woman. The unnamed woman from Samaria was hungry. She was both nourished and transformed by their conversation. Jesus, living into his call, shared with the woman about “living water.” The woman was willing to engage the experience with the Messiah and had her hunger forever transformed.

Each time we engage in the creative process with our Creator we are preparing a feast. When we create, we remember that our artistic gifts are from God and they help fulfill the will of God on earth. When we offer our art, we feed others as we are fed. We transform and present opportunities for others to be transformed as well. May each of us be nourished by our Creator’s living water and able to spread the Gospel to others through the experience of it.

Prayerfully consider ...

Engaging your worship artists in experiencing worship as a feast.

Consider how you can use the image of a feast as you lead your rehearsals this week. Engage your artists in reflecting how they are fed as they feed others through their art.


God, you give us the gift of creativity to help satisfy our deepest hunger and thirst. Help us to do your will as we offer our gifts to this creation. Amen.

Antidote to Blindness
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