Shelia Huis

Chapter Coordinator

Chapter Coordinator shall coordinate the work of the Chapter Coordinating Committee; monitor the annual Chapter Report process with the Executive Director; serve on the Program Board.


Shelia is currently serving as Director of the Chancel Choir and JuBellation Handbell Choir at First United Methodist Church in Hastings, MI. After 28 years of service, she is now retired from the United States Air Force. She holds two degrees (BS, MPA) from Western Michigan University. In addition, Shelia plays percussion and keyboards with the Thornapple Wind Band and sings with the semi-professional Lakewood Area Choral Society. She has been an active member of the West Michigan chapter of The Fellowship for many years and currently serves as vice-president. Music has been a lifelong journey for Shelia as she started out as a church organist when she was 12 years old.