Catherine Nance

Vice President of Content

The Vice President of Content maintains oversight of the Content Working Group and all its tasks, convening meetings of the Working Group at least monthly. This group is charged with addressing event, communication, and content related concerns of The Fellowship, as well as other issues as assigned by the Executive Board. The Content Working Group includes the Vice-President of Content, the Events Coordinator, the Publications and Media Coordinator, and other committee leaders or at-large members as needed.


Catherine Stapleton Nance serves as the Director of Music Ministries at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Aiken, SC, where she oversees a music ministry that includes two sanctuary worship services, including vocal choirs for adults, youth, and children. Catherine holds degrees in music from Converse College, Manhattan School of Music and will graduate from the Institute for Worship Studies in June 2019. Catherine has served as the President of The Fellowship's South Carolina Chapter and continues to serve on its board.