Welcome to the 60+ONE party!

The Fellowship is 60+ONE years old in 2017, and to celebrate the first year of our next sixty, we are beginning an initiative to strengthen our finances, our relationships, and our membership. This is our 60+ONE year, and the ONE represents each individual working to PLUS our organization!

All you need to do is choose ONE action from this list:

  • Solicit ONE new member of The Fellowship
    Let’s share the perks of membership! Obviously, if each of us brings a new member to The Fellowship we double our base. Even if half of us sign up a new member, we increase by 50%. The stronger our membership base, the more we are able to support each other from our national and local leadership. For every one of us, more members is a win-win event.

  • Invite ONE worship artist (not a current Fellowship member) to join you for a beverage and fellowship together 
    We all know the best part of The Fellowship is the fellowship! Often our workload is so heavy that we neglect to make the personal connections that are so valuable to us and rob us of learning from each other and supporting one another. 60+ONE provides an incentive to network with local colleagues and share the value of The Fellowship. The exciting part of this is that the person you share time with will be given a free, six-month membership that includes WorshipArts. There are worship artists in your community who have been working in churches for years and still do not know about The Fellowship. This is our chance to share our great association.

  • Make ONE donation to The Fellowship’s Annual Fund 
    Many of us do this every year. The 60+ONE campaign reaches out to every member to join the list of contributors to this crucial part of The Fellowship’s financial security. Since its inception, the Annual Fund has supplemented the general budget, helping us provide financial support to all the important ideas, programs, and staffing of our Fellowship. (And once you've made your donation, don't forget to report it as part of your 60+ONE efforts!)

Are you an over-achiever? Maybe you have trouble stopping at just ONE?

We don’t want to limit the scope of your participation in our 60+ONE party! In fact, if you are up to the challenge of doing all three activities (recruit a new member, take a colleague out for a beverage, and donate to the Annual Fund), then we’ll consider you to be 60+ONEderful! We want to celebrate your achievements with some special thank you gifts:

  • A complimentary six-month church membership (yes, this is a free membership for you PLUS two others from your church!).
  • A special reception on the first evening at Awaken 2017 in Little Rock this summer — we’ll honor all the 60+ONEderfuls PLUS you’ll get a complimentary beverage.
  • A special ribbon identifying you as a 60+ONEderful on your Awaken 2017 convocation name badge.
  • A photo op with Stella the City Dog, our unofficial mascot for Awaken 2017 — PLUS you'll be featured on our convocation app!
  • Vouchers and extra discounts at our Awaken 2017 vendor booths.

Be sure to use the links above to report your participation so that we can honor you as a 60+ONEderful Fellowship member!